International Conference 2019: Human Rights in Times of Contestation

International Conference: Human Rights in Times of Contestation 

Das CHREN veranstaltete in Kooperation mit dem Nürnberger Menschenrechtszentrum, der Stadt Nürnberg und der Friedrich-Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg vom 27. – 28.06 2019 die International Conference: „Human Rights in Times of Contestation“ im Historischen Rathaussaal in Nürnberg. 

Wir blicken auf zwei spannende und informative Tage in der Stadt der Menschenrechte zurück und bedanken uns bei allen angereisten Referenten*innen und Gästen recht herzlich. 




Programm und Inhalt der international Conference:


Das vollständige Programm finden Sie hier

The aim of this conference is to assess recent political, economic and social crises, which seem to increasingly challenge the normative value and practical relevance of human rights. These crises – the raise of (neo-)nationalist populist politics, increased authoritarian rules, challenges to international law and multilateralism to name but a few – have caused some to fundamentally question the current value of human rights. In their view, the liberal agenda of ever-expanding international human rights is no longer a viable solution to the problems of the contemporary world, if not in fact part of these problems. Others maintain that current crises call for more and better human rights implementation not less. Both perspectives seem to address human rights from a perspective of contestation: Human rights being contested and human rights as contestation of illiberal movements.
The conference will bring leading international scholars of human rights to Nuremberg – a city that has seen both: Human rights being contested through their complete annihilation by the Nazi regime and human rights as source of contestation of the most barbarous acts during the trials bringing the leading figures of the Nazi regime to justice. The conference is hosted jointly by the Centre for Human Rights Erlangen-Nürnberg of Friedrich-Alexander-University (FAU), the City of Nuremberg and the Nuremberg Human Rights Centre (NMRZ)


Eindrücke unserer Studierenden zur Conference:

The Human Rights in Times of Contestation Conference was inspiring on many levels. First, it was impressive to see such a high caliber group of academics assembled together and, despite the troubling times alluded to by the title of the conference, express deep hope and optimism for the future. Second, the conference afforded an opportunity for thoughtful dialogue for researchers from many different disciplines, from political scientists to economists and philosophers, sharing their perspectives in an atmosphere that was attentive and respectful. I am always happy to see how human rights defenders truly practice what they preach, showing respect and admiration not only for their peers, but also to the younger students and interested audience members who attended the event. Events like these give aspiring academics and practitioners a strong foundation and reasons to remain actively engaged in the pursuit of dignity for all.

– Camila, Studentin des Masters Human Rights 


I’m very grateful for the CHREN giving us students the opportunity to listen to so many excellent and inspiring scholars and activists

– Hanna, Studentin der Rechtswissenschaften


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Opening Lecture: Human Rights in Crisis – New Developments, Old Challenges?

Closing Lecture: Re-thinking Human Rights

Political Contestation of Human Rights and Liberal Democracy

Religious Freedom and Gender Equality Conflicts, Controversies, Potential Synergies

Universal Human Rights for Migrants and Refugees: Challenge or Chance?

Universal Human Rights for Migrants and Refugees: Challenge or Chance? / Part II

Do We Live in a Post-Human Rights Era?

Do We Live in a Post-Human Rights Era? / Part II

Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? Business and Human Rights

Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? Business and Human Rights / Part II

Part of the Problem or Part of the Solution? Business and Human Rights / Comment

Round Table Discussion: Lessons from and for Europe

Panel 5: Challenges for Human Rights Courts and Institutions