Another successful round of the “FAU Human Rights Talks”

FAU Human Rights Talks

Since 2019 Professor Wiater has been organizing the “FAU Human Rights Talks” on various current topics regarding the protection of  human rights.

We are delighted that another successful and exciting round of the “FAU Human Rights Talks” took place as a Zoom event on 4 and 6 February. A group of motivated students had the opportunity to discuss with human rights experts on the topic “The Human, the Company, the People? Divergent Concepts of Human Rights-Holders in Africa, the Americas and Europe”. We had the honour to exchange views with …
  • Commissioner Alexia Amesbury (African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights)
  • Dr. Mario López-Garelli (Adviser to the Executive Secretary of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights)
  • Lady Justice Stella Anukam (African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights)
  • Judge Tim Eicke (European Court of Human Rights).
We discussed questions such as: Do collective rights help to meet global challenges such as environmental protection? How can individual-centred systems, such as the Inter-American and the European system, open up to collective needs and learn from the African approach to “peoples’ rights”? What human rights protection should and can companies enjoy as non-human rights holders against the background of the philosophical anchoring of human rights protection in the respect for human dignity? Is the ECtHR’s differentiated human rights protection of companies, theoretically founded in a rule of law approach, in turn transferable to the African and Inter-American human rights systems?
The discussions with our experts gave us interesting insights into the different regional perspectives and approaches on common and diverse challenges in how to define human rights holders. We say “thank you” for these inspiring Human Rights Talks!”